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Year of  Establishment

B.Sc  :  2009

B Sc Physics

B.Sc. Physics is an under-graduate course of 3-year duration. The objective is to provide the students with foundation knowledge possible for a Science-based career. There is no such specialization in this course. Graduates from this course can find jobs in business, teaching, marketing, research.

t deals in developing creative thinking skills among the students and the power of imagination to enable graduates to work in research industry for a broader academic application. It provides skills required to gather information from resources and to use them appropriately.


Students who are interested in learning fundamentals of Physics and understand mathematical concepts easily can opt for this course, and those who have an analytical approach towards problem-solving arenas can also opt for B.Sc Physics.

Career Prospects

 After completing B.Sc Physics, students shall come across a lot of career opportunities, which can help them make a successful career in this field. Students are eligible for pursuing a number of courses, some of which are M.Sc Physics/Applied Physics, MBA, M.Phil Physics, M.Sc.+ Ph.D (Physics and Astrophysics) etc.

There are various fields in governmental as well as non-governmental sectors where students can get placed. B.Sc Physics has a wide array of jobs in Indian Forest Service, public sector banks, teaching field and much more. Railway recruitment board also hire degree holders of B.Sc Physics.

Aerospace, engineering, manufacturing, oil and gas, telecommunication are some of the industries which have been proving to be booming sectors for B.Sc Physics degree holders.


Department Highlights

The undergraduate department of Physics was started in the academic year 2009-2010 with initial strength of 19 students. The strength of the students increased over the succeeding years. At present there are totally 113 students in the department. Many of the students are from under developed sectors. Special attention and coaching is given to enhance their communication and technical skill.

There are well equipped laboratories in the department and a departmental library comprising of books of latest editions and journals.

The Department has been producing good results in the university examinations right from the start. The Department comprises of 4 faculty members.

We conducted National seminar on '' Recent Advancement in Materials Physics ''  NSRAMP - 2015,  in our college.

University Syllabus

    Sanjeevarayanpettai Avalurpettai Mangalam Thiruvannamalai
  • 11 : GINGEE
    Pinnanur Valathi Annamangalam


    Sanjeevarayanpettai Avalurpettai Mangalam Thiruvannamalai
  • 11 : GINGEE
    Pinnanur Valathi Annamangalam
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