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    Sanjeevarayanpettai Avalurpettai Mangalam Thiruvannamalai
  • 11 : GINGEE
    Pinnanur Valathi Annamangalam
    Sanjeevarayanpettai Avalurpettai Mangalam Thiruvannamalai
  • 11 : GINGEE
    Pinnanur Valathi Annamangalam


    Sanjeevarayanpettai Avalurpettai Mangalam Thiruvannamalai
  • 11 : GINGEE
    Pinnanur Valathi Annamangalam


    Sanjeevarayanpettai Avalurpettai Mangalam Thiruvannamalai
  • 11 : GINGEE
    Pinnanur Valathi Annamangalam


Scholarship for meritorious students

In order to motivate our students to study well and pass the Board Examinations very creditably, the following reduction in fees will be given to students who had scored high marks in the HSC qualifying examination.

For First Semester :

  • Merit Scholarship for first semester will be based on total marks scored in 12th public exam.

  • Practical marks will be excluded. 

  • Scholarship will be given for first semester Tuition Fee.

For II, III, IV, V and VI semester:

  • University Theory Examinations of the previous semester is considered.

University Rank Scholarship:

Documents Required


  1. Transfer Certificate

  2. 10th STD Mark Sheet 

  3. 12th STD Mark Sheet

  4. Community Certificate

  5. AADHAR Card Copy

  6. Conduct Certificate

  7. Income Certificate 

  8. Other Merit Certificates like NSS, NCC, Girl Guide, Sports, etc.

  9. Students who have passed XII STD Examination other than in Tamil Nadu must also produce the following 

    • Nativity Certificate

    • Migration Certificate

    • Original Pass Certificate

    • Eligibility Certificate from Thiruvallauvar University

  10. Passport Size Recent Photograph – 4 no’s (not in school uniform)

Attested copies of the above documents should be attached along with the application when applying and originals should be submitted at the time of admission.

Admission Procedure



Communication will be sent only to those who are provisionally selected. The provisionally selected candidate will have to present himself / herself along with the parents for interview with the Principal on the date mentioned in the call-letter without fail. The provisional selection is automatically cancelled if the candidate fails to be present for the interview on the scheduled date and time mentioned in the call-letter. The interview call-letters are sent by POST. However, the student can find the status detail of the application online at . The original certificates and other documents mentioned in the application should be produced at the time of verification and must be handed over to the college office once your admission is confirmed.

Mode of Payment

Candidates coming for the interview should be prepared to pay the fees immediately if they are selected in the interview. On failing the provisional selection will be automatically cancelled.

Rules & Regulations


  • Students should wear the uniform  without fail.

  • Cell - phones are strictly Prohibited inside the college campus.

  • Students should maintain an eco-friendly atmosphere always.

  • Students should attend the classes in time.

  • Students should assemble in the class room before the bell rings.

  • Candidates with 90% attendance only will be allowed to appear for the university examination.

  • Attendance in tests and model examinations is mandatory.

  • Students are required to wear their identity cards whenever they are in the campus also when they travel using the college transport

  • Loss of ID Cards, Library Cards, change of address should be reported to the college office without delay.

  • Assignment, record works, and project should be submitted in proper time.

  • Students should maintain silence and discipline while leaving the class rooms.

  • Prior permission should be obtained from the concerned authority for availing leave.

  • Leave letters should be duly counter signed by Parents / Guardians / Hostel Wardens. Leave on medical grounds should be accompanied by Medical Certificate obtained from a reputed physician.

  • Students should not come to the class late for any reasons..

  • Students are encouraged to maintain good academic progress and good conduct.

  • Students should maintain strict silence in the class room.

  • Students who may be free during class time shall not loiter on the veranda or on the premises of the college. During such time they are to be in the library.

  • During the lunch time students should maintain cleanliness.

  • Damage of College equipment’s, utensils etc should be informed to the authority and compensated.

  • Ragging is punishable. Students involved in such acts will be adequately punished.

  • No student should leave the class room during the class hours without the permission of the staff.

  • Students should not be seen anywhere other than class room during class hours.

  • Students should not sit in the Auditorium / steps during the class hours.

  • Students are advised to read notices put up on the notice board. Ignorance of any notice thus put up will not be accepted as an excuse for failing to comply with it.

  • Attendance will be noted for each period at the commencement of each class.

  • Students are forbidden from writing, scribbling, painting on the walls, desks, etc.

Important Dates


Dates are tentative actual date may vary 

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