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Year of  Establishment

B.Sc  :  2009

B Sc Mathematics

B.Sc Mathematics is the study of quantity, structure, space, and change. A Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics is a culmination of in-depth knowledge of geometry, trigonometry, calculus and other theories. It also explores related topics like Computer Science and Statistics. This degree course helps students in building a good foundation base for pursuing higher studies. B.Sc. Mathematics Syllabus focuses primarily on developing mathematical skills in algebra, calculus and data analysis.


Career Prospects

Degree holders in Mathematics are respected for their excellent quantitative and problem- solving abilities and can get hold of a wide range of rewarding positions in both public and private sectors. Successful graduates of the course are employed in banking, finance, insurance, and risk-management, besides universities and scientific institutes.

Top Recruiting Fields    

Research, Academia, Technical institutes, Software Development Companies, Banks, Political, Military or Intelligence Bodies etc. B.Sc. Mathematics graduates can follow teaching profession by teaching in schools or opening their own coaching classes. B.Sc Maths degree holders are also required in Banking and Business services, Government Jobs, Investment and Insurance among many other employment areas.

Department Highlights

  • The department remains very active and vibrant in conducting enrichment programs to promote students in the field of mathematics.

  • The department offers a rich mathematical environment where student are actively encouraged to participate in seminars/conferences.

  • Every year department conducts seminars/conferences and association activities.

  • Intercollegiate competitions are also being conducted in the department.

Teaching Highlights

  • The department has undergone considerable development in terms of teaching.

  • The course aims to provide a deeper understanding of mathematics.

  • The learning environment is very dynamic.   

  • Assignment, seminars and test are conducted frequently.

  • Support the students by issuing books from the department library.

University Syllabus




Vector Analysis and Fourier analysis: 4

Abstract Algebra : 6

Graph Theory: 1

Differential Equations: 2

Linear Algebra: 2

Statics & Dynamics: 1


Linear Programming: 2

Linear Algebra: 1

Abstract Algebra :1

Real Analysis - I: 1


Vector Analysis and Fourier analysis: 3

Abstract Algebra: 3

Linear Programming: 2

Real Analysis - I :3

Graph Theory : 3

Differential Equations :1

Special functions: 1


Complex Analysis - I: 1

Real Analysis - I: 1

Vector Analysis and Fourier analysis: 1


Differential Equations: 3

Real Analysis - I: 1

Abstract Algebra: 1

Vector Analysis and Fourier analysis: 1

Real Analysis - I: 1

Linear Algebra: 2

Statics : 1


Graph Theory: 1

Real Analysis - II: 1

Real Analysis - I: 1

Vector Analysis and Fourier analysis: 2

Differential Equations: 1


Vector Analysis and Fourier analysis: 4

Graph Theory :2

Linear Algebra : 9

Complex Analysis - I: 2

Differential Equations : 4

Statics: 1

Dynamics: 1

Real Analysis - II: 1

Special functions: 1

Abstract Algebra: 1

Operations Research: 1


Algebra: 5

Differential Equations: 7

Real Analysis - I: 4

Abstract Algebra: 1

Graph Theory: 1

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